The brand new TECH Rossini Illuminazione catalogue hot off the press

Profuma ancora d’inchiostro il nuovissimo catalogo TECH Rossini Illuminazione

If you have had the chance to read the previous article on how a new Rossini Illuminazione catalogue is produced, you’ll already have some idea of the work “hidden” between the pages of a new publication. We talked about commitment, enthusiasm, organisation and experience, all elements that a product catalogue needs to convey through its pages. But of course the luminaires in all their different sizes and models always remain the fundamental ingredient, and now we’ll tell you how we did it. We start by reminding you that Rossini Illuminazione products are divided into two catalogues, DECO and TECH, in other words, two ways of shaping and describing light that share the expertise of a brand specialised in designing ad hoc lighting systems. A wealth of ideas – from which painstaking research into style and technology becomes apparent – dedicated both to the end consumer and professionals, such as designers and planners, lighting engineers, installers and general contractors.

The concept lies in our intention to provide a wide range of new products (in this case technical products seeing as we are talking about the new TECH 2019 volume) which feature state-of-the-art LED technology, so we can provide the right light for every space. The result is a catalogue that represents an up-to-the-minute variety of products with high technical and quality standards, a useful tool for designers and planners as well as installers but that can also be used by end consumers.

Products are marked with the NEW stamp when they are new entries, and bear the RESTYLE stamp when the range has been expanded or they have been technically updated or restyled. A major part is dedicated to technological innovation associated with light control, which is paramount today when we talk about “bespoke light”. Luminaires that are dimmable or controlled using DALI or the Casambi App create light that is truly tuned to the user’s requirements. Lastly, the concept of being designed for a specific use. Products are no longer defined merely by their application (recessed, wall or ceiling luminaire, track or cable system, for indoors or outdoors), but also by the area they are designed to be used in. We have therefore used 9 symbols that identity the main areas in which you can install our products.

So we will find hi-tech luminaires, such as track-mounted projectors and recessed luminaires for the retail channel, for exhibition spaces, museums and sacred buildings; recessed luminaires and suspension systems featuring glare control for the office sector; projectors and hermetically sealed products that have been designed for the industrial sector but are also suitable for installation in large communal areas, manufacturing plants and warehouses. Without forgetting residential lighting, which features wall, ceiling, suspension and recessed luminaires in modern designs that offer optimum lighting efficiency, for use both indoors and out. Some luminaires are also suitable for urban areas as they feature strong resistance to impact and a high degree of protection against atmospheric agents. And last but not least, products designed for the hospitality sector, for both indoor and outdoor areas of bars, restaurants or hotels.

Destinazioni d'uso

Still on the subject of logos, here’s our Made in Milano

made in milano

From the little shop in via Melzo, to the extensive company premises in via Kennedy on the outskirts of Milan. It seems so near yet it was almost 90 years ago. Our love for Milan and our presence on the Milanese territory have always been a part of our history. Today this story is told through a logo, which aims to highlight the association of our products with Italy. Products designed, developed, manufactured and assembled entirely in Italy, which form a high quality range based on almost a century of tradition that few other companies can boast.


And to end, a reflection accompanied by a smile: whoever could have imagined that a “simple” catalogue would involve so much? It isn’t the first, and it won’t be the last. But one fact remains: to grow strong branches we need deep roots, and we, for almost a century, have been lighting up people’s worlds.