Lighting systems for environments of different types. Visual comfort for the office world, versatility and efficiency for the retail industry.

The most important novelty of the new Plexiform catalog is the division into four areas of use. One of these is Technical, which suggests solutions for the most diverse environments and applications, from office to retail sector as well as for home use. Continue reading “Technical / Office&Efficiency”


Design aesthetics is a major factor. Light that draws spaces and defines the volumes.

In the new Plexiform catalog, Architectural is a chapter devoted to design involving professional figures such as architects, lighting designers and specialized retailers or, why not, project solutions that arise from the collaboration of all these subjects. Continue reading “Architectural / Design&Light”


In early March, the Euroshop fair was held in Dusseldorf, an international event devoted to the retail sector, that is shop furniture and visual merchandising in all aspects. We were there, with a particular focus on the lighting sector, so we are going to tell you some market trends and innovations. Continue reading “News from Euroshop, the retail sector fair in Dusseldorf.”

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Last year, we briefly told you what participating in an international lighting fair means, as well as what it means at an organizational level for a family-run company, which arrived at “just” its third generation (it was founded in 1929), and what it means at a strategic level, as an investment and corporate philosophy.
Continue reading “Euroluce – We won’t be there. Why?”


In an increasingly changeable market, we work to create and produce with stability and continuity, in search of the perfect product … for “perfect” we mean the right value for money. Now, manufacturing in Italy and abroad does not simply mean sending an object to the assembly line; rather, it means connecting a number of economic, quality, distribution, tax and administrative factors. Continue reading “The reasons why we manufacture some products in China: total transparency as a sign of respect towards our customers.”


“Biomimetic science studies how to transfer to the artificial world biological processes that naturally happen in nature. Man is inspired by nature and by imitating it can find solutions to various problems. The first person to refer to biomimetics was Leonardo Da Vinci when in his studies on flying machines he was inspired by how birds fly. Another example is the roof of the Crystal Palace in London, built in the mid-nineteenth century by the architect and botanist Joseph Paxton who was inspired by a water lily called Victoria Amazonica. But from the industrial revolution to now the scene has inevitably changed because the progress accomplished in the area of modern technology has brought new perspectives for connections between design and biology and offer new ways of interpreting nature.”
(Roberto Panzarani – centodieci.it) Continue reading “Biomimetics, a new science.”