The Plexiform Brand


In 2012, RossiniGroup acquired Plexiform, an Italian manufacturer that for almost 50 years has been engaged in the design, production and marketing of lighting fixtures characterised by cutting-edge solutions.

The catalogue offers different lighting products, including LED and traditional systems, with a particular vocation for custom systems. All stages, from design to prototyping, industrialization, production and sale, are rigorously Made in Italy.

Plexiform creates innovative solutions for architects, interior designers and lighting designers, all complying with industry standards EN 60598, and characterised by high performance combined with energy saving, visual comfort and an emotional role played by light.

These lighting fixtures are ideal for office, retail and residential spaces, and are tested in the laboratories with the support and collaboration of LED manufacturers. The EN ISO 9001:2008 internal certification and a list of qualified suppliers allow the manufacturer to achieve high quality standards and confirm the excellence of the Made in Italy products.

In April 2015, under the supervision of  RossiniGroup, the brand was showcased to the public during the international fair Euroluce, with a totally new catalogue that includes a series of LED-based products featuring both high and low power consumption. The catalogue introduced 14 new LED product categories, a real turning point for Plexiform, which, besides new solutions, continues to improve its traditional products, albeit in a revised design, in order to accommodate LED lights. Such products are studied and designed to combine technology and aesthetics, reduced dimensions with high performance, with the aim of providing customers with high-end quality products. They are characterised by an essential, clear and minimal design, featuring modern and elegant shapes with finishing options that extend the range of architectural products on offer.

Plexiform is founded on the following: an important history and a constant look to the future.
Plexiform, it’s a r-evolution.


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