Light in futurist key


Light, no light and shade, the dazzling and complete darkness.
In the closing credits and in the back covers the reference to these – true-protagonists always miss. In a film, a painting, a multimedia installation as well as a sui generis artist layout. Even in music, when the right words leave imagine a scene: at night, or at sunrise…

Giacomo BallaThere is (there isn’t) light and perception is influenced, the work changes. This is the intent of the section “Light elsewhere”. Discover together with you what and how the light made us dream, but not only.

Share with us your favourite light citations: movies, music, tv shows, art … everything is accepted!

Let’s start with one of our proposal: a painting by Balla, one of the leading exponents of Italian Futurism, which with its “Arc lamp” represents the magic of light refraction. The painting was purchased and is still exhibited at the MOMA in New York and the artist described it as follows: I painted the lamp picture during my pointillist period (1900-1910); in fact, the glow of light is obtained through the combination of pure colours. This picture not only is an original artwork, it is scientific too because I tried to represent the light by separating the colours that compose it… Light in futurist key!

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