OVO Plexiform


OVO is a project encompassing two value levels: the first one is given by its specific design: simplicity, usability, rationality in aesthetic and functional terms.

The second, no less important, lies in the versatility of a modular LED system – with direct and indirect lighting – which can be arranged in virtually endless configurations to facilitate the distribution of space. The project, in fact, provides for various mounting solutions: suspended, surface-mounted, single or linear mounting with the option of having corner joints without dark spots.

Ovo’s versatility is completed by anti-reflection optics (which are suitable for use also in rooms with computer screens thanks to a UGR <19), LED lights in two different colours (3000K and 4000K versions) providing 110 lumen/watt and the possibility of having the product with emergency kit (upon request). Standard colours are black, white and gray (matte finishing), although special colours are available on-demand.

The lamp takes its name from the elongated shape of its aluminium body, which drew wide acclaims at Euroluce 2015 thanks to its unusual drop of 7 vertical bodies. Now also exhibited at the showroom Overlite, located in via Feltre 32, Milan.


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