Special guest: Edward Hopper


Our section devoted to light in the art field could not but give a special attention to Edward Hopper (1882-1967): the painter of light, silence and solitude, who was able to represent the fixity of the American province masterfully. Suspended situations, seemingly trivial, which seem to imply an occurrence that, maybe, will change the scene. Until then, we wait, watch the scene and try to figure out from where the light with those violent and precise cuts comes. We imagine the stories of the characters who are there, waiting for something or someone. Not surprisingly, even the great Wim Wenders wanted to tell about the iconic American artist through a wonderful documentary, La tela bianca (the white canvas), produced in collaboration with Centre Pompidou, giving him an indirect role in the history of the cinema and a recognizable influence in several film productions, from Hitchcock up to date. At the exhibition that hosted him in Milano at Palazzo Reale, year 2009, another artist felt the need to enter Hopper’s world physically; then, here is the interactive and multimedia installation by the Austrian Gustav Deutsch, who faithfully recreated the scene of the famous painting “Morning sun”.

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