Technical / Office&Efficiency


Lighting systems for environments of different types. Visual comfort for the office world, versatility and efficiency for the retail industry.

The most important novelty of the new Plexiform catalog is the division into four areas of use. One of these is Technical, which suggests solutions for the most diverse environments and applications, from office to retail sector as well as for home use. The dynamics of work and sales spaces is flexible, as it is linked to many factors: type and size of the environment, operating positions, common areas and representation spaces. Pluma, Sofy, the new Cielo and Tesis versions with the application of Sistema 9; in the technical products, there is an indispensable element that dictates and commands the choice, i.e. visual comfort: for a quality light and to the service of those who enjoy it. Now, you find some more information about our selection of Technical products, although the brand-new general catalog offers 20 products among absolute novelties and super tested models, the tradition of light systems made in Plexiform.

Meanwhile, the keywords that characterize this chapter are: versatility, soft and indirect light, anti-glare view, modularity, UGR, visual comfort, system. In this regard, here is Pluma, a bidirectional LED device, for stand-alone suspension installation, consisting of an extruded aluminum frame and a transparent PMMA screen that, thanks to a laser micro-engraving, is transparent when turned off and full white solid volume when turned on. Then, there is Sofy, unidirectional LED device with soft light due to the central micro-prismatic screen, suitable for recessed installation on modular false ceilings with built-in and recessed plasterboard construction. The square body is white painted sheet-steel with PMMA diffuser and full light effect. Another product is Cielo, an essential product that, in the new version with the S9 lens application, has an accurate light emission (30° light beam) but never dazzling, thanks to the structure of the S9 module, consisting of a transparent polycarbonate lens that guarantees a low luminance with exceptional visual comfort (UGR <9). It is the ideal product in workplaces and offices with video terminals. Finally, we have Tesis, a historical device of the Plexiform collection, proposed in the LED or fluorescent version and also in the new version with S9 module. Unidirectional or bidirectional lighting fixture, particularly suitable for system configurations, suspended ceiling, ceiling or wall installation and available in the two versions Tesis floor light and Tesis recessed light. The body, simple and linear, is in extruded aluminum and extends in length. Of course, here we mentioned the main features, but if you consult the catalog, you will find all the other information about materials, installations, applications, sources, electrification, light emissions, regulations and custom configurations.


Photo by Mattia Aquila