The benefits of having a press office.


Recently we took part, as ambassadors, at a convention for young entrepreneurs interested in knowing more about the world of communication.

We were invited as both ‘users’ and ‘actors’ of communication within a company and we were very glad to bring our case-history as an example of integration between traditional means of communication and new media channels. In fact, a few years ago, we adopted a communication method which integrates the traditional means of communication on paper with innovative digital ones so that we could offer our public a wider range of resources with a constant presence in the advertising field.

Another fundamental aspect of communication for commercial purposes is the well-organized management of relations with leading specialised trade magazines. In order to have good visibility in consistent channels where we can target our clients (from installers to architects and from private individuals to contractors), we assigned the task of promoting our brand to Cristina and Valentina both ‘digital’ PRs with many years of experience in the field of design and technical lighting.

The press office of a company has a challenging mission, it has to be fully immersed in the vast depths of the web whilst constantly keeping the trade magazine editorial offices , portals, dedicated websites and blogs, updated with information such as, photos, technical descriptions of products, information on new products, company bulletins, designer updates and releases… all forming a prolific collection of articles to be promptly recorded in the Press Book. You will find some examples hereunder for which we would like to thank all the editorial staff and the journalists that have granted us big and small openings; and of course a big ‘well-done’ to Valentina and Cristina for their timely and professional work.

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