Industrial / Energy&Relamping


The project requires specific technical requirements. Key concepts: relamping, large areas, energy efficiency.

Industrial is the third chapter that makes up the new Plexiform catalog, where to find variety, technological research and value for money, to interact with the market through dedicated services and design tools. The other chapters of the new catalog are:

  • Architectural > Design&Light
  • Technical         > Office&Efficiency
  • HealthCare      > Life&Wellness

It is a completely new catalog in its look and contents, which shows products, their functions, technical details, application areas and realizations. In the Industrial chapter, we find products aimed at the industrial world, where large projects need to be developed for large areas with proven products. The indispensable pluses? Great light efficiency, energy efficiency and solidity of the equipment, without forgetting the visual impact.
Now, let’s get to know some of the components of the Industrial family: Nest, Cool and Pencil. We have chosen them first as they combine many values, ideal for applications in production areas, warehouses, condominiums, wherever they need specific technical solutions and in compliance with current regulations. Let’s start from Nest, a unidirectional LED device that would be fine even in a sophisticated urban loft where high heights would justify a very high light emission (you never know that you fall in love with it and want to install it in your living room!). It is square or rectangular, featuring octagonal housings for LED modules. The body is made of sheet steel, with transparent polycarbonate screen, all secured with watertight screws and characterized by an IK10 value, necessary in contexts where product resistance to shocks is an indispensable element. Then, there is Cool, another unidirectional LED device available in two versions: 35° narrow beam and 90° wide beam. The high degree of protection (IP65) allows installation in external environments with high dust and moisture. Finally, there is Pencil, linear body in sheet steel and opal PMMA cover for LED protection. It is a unidirectional LED device available in three versions: standard without spotlight, with spotlight for narrow beam and with aluminum antiglare double parabolic optical device, to obtain a UGR<19, which is also suitable for workplaces and video terminals.

The Industrial chapter actually includes several other products, which we will describe in the next episode.
Meanwhile, take a look at this gallery.
Photo by Mattia Aquila