Lights from the World, The Pet lamps.


The PET Lamp project took off in 2011, firstly in Spain then exported to Colombia. It was then expanded to Chile and subsequently, in 2014, to Africa, with the objective of showcasing its potential.

The latest collection, Abissinia, was created in collaboration with local craftsmen of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. But there is more. Some very special moms joined the initiative. Their only “fault”? To have given birth to twins. In Ethiopia, twins are stigmatized as they are regarded as “not blessed by God”. After discovering the PET Lamp workshops in Colombia and Chile, Emily Cosentino, a North American lady and long-time resident in Addis Ababa, contacted the Spanish firm last May and invited it to develop a project with the locals. This was the birth of the collaboration with the group Mothers of Twins to help the mothers raise public awareness on this issue. The lamps are hand-made by weaving fabric to recycled water bottles.


“We are foreseeing more adventures in different countries in 2016” declares the company. “PET Lamp is already a self-sustaining project and our team is working hard to meet the expectations generated by the initiative and help it grow even further.”

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