Once it’s in print, a new catalogue that stands proud on the distributor’s counter or a designer’s bookshelf is primarily a complete, finished work. If it’s well designed, you will find it well organised, solid and simple to consult. And this is what it should be: a working tool to help people choose a type of lighting and the relevant products and technical and operational features. All of which is apparently very simple. Yet in actual fact, “producing” a new catalogue is tough work. It’s also fascinating, at times fun, but – seriously – not easy, because there’s a lot more involved than just sending it to be printed. Continue reading “Is it true that catalogues are created from light?”


In an increasingly changeable market, we work to create and produce with stability and continuity, in search of the perfect product … for “perfect” we mean the right value for money. Now, manufacturing in Italy and abroad does not simply mean sending an object to the assembly line; rather, it means connecting a number of economic, quality, distribution, tax and administrative factors. Continue reading “The reasons why we manufacture some products in China: total transparency as a sign of respect towards our customers.”