Rossini Illuminazione Srl is committed to protecting the Personal Data entrusted to it. Therefore, their management and security are ensured with the utmost care, in accordance with the requirements of privacy legislation (e.g. EU Regulation 2016/679).
This policy explains who we are, for what purposes we might use your data, how we handle it, to whom it might be disclosed (e.g. user companies, public entities, etc..), where it might be transferred, and what your rights are.

Who will process my data?

Your data will be processed, as Data Controllers, by Rossini Illuminazione Srl located at Via JF Kennedy, 5 – 20090 Segrate (Milan), P.IVA 08017160154 – Telephone: +39 02 2169501 – Fax: +39 02 21695023, Rossini Illuminazione Srl has appointed its own Data Protection Officer who can be contacted at the Data Controller’s address or through the “Contact Us” section on the website

Why do you need my data?

Rossini Illuminazione Srl will use your data exclusively for the following purposes:

Your Data will be processed for purposes related to the management of the contractual/training relationship as well as the provision of Services:

  1. News Letter and Marketing.
    ⦁ With your specific consent, your ordinary Personal Data will be processed for: inviting you to free training events, sending advertising/informational/promotional material and updates on initiatives, promotions and offers of Rossini Illuminazione Srl, and/or of third-party Companies operating in collaboration with Rossini Illuminazione Srl, also in relation to programs and promotions, including online, aimed at rewarding or retaining our customers; sending communications regarding social, cultural, solidarity initiatives; updating on training initiatives; your data may be processed to carry out market research, economic and statistical analysis (e.g., telephone interviews related to the training carried out).
    Moreover, it is possible your Data may be used to conduct surveys regarding the satisfaction of our customers and that you may be contacted (by phone, email or other means) for the purpose of knowing your opinion about the service provided by Rossini Illuminazione Srl
  2. Contact/Inquiry Form.
    With your specific consent, your ordinary Personal Data will be processed for the purpose of handling the request you submitted. Mandatory data to be provided are highlighted with an asterisk (*). Moreover, your Data may be used to conduct surveys regarding the satisfaction of our customers and you may be contacted (by phone, email or other means) for the purpose of knowing your opinion about the service provided by Rossini Illuminazione Srl.

Rossini Illuminazione Srl will carry out the processing:

The purposes under points 1 and 2 do not result from a legal obligation and the provision of the relevant consents is optional. However, in order for you to use the services offered in items 1 and 2, your consent to data processing is required. Failure to provide data or provision of partial data will result in the partial or total impossibility of achieving the above purposes. The extent and adequacy of the Data conferred will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis in order to determine the consequent decisions and avoid the processing of Data in excess of the purposes pursued.
We will not use your data for purposes other than and in addition to those described in this policy without informing you in advance and, where necessary, obtaining your consent.

Will you process Special Categories of Data?

On the website no Special Data (formerly sensitive data) are requested. Please do not enter these categories of data if not strictly necessary.
If you have decided to provide us with special data, Rossini Illuminazione Srl will have to process and collect Data for which the law requires your consent. In some cases, such Data may be strictly necessary for the purpose of providing the service or handling the request you sent. In such cases, please note that they will be processed exclusively for the purposes pertaining to your request.

How will you process my data?

Rossini Illuminazione Srl aims to protect the Data entrusted to it, and to base their processing on the principles of correctness, lawfulness and transparency. We inform you, therefore, that your Data will be processed, through appropriate tools and procedures to ensure maximum security and confidentiality, with the help of hard and digital media, computer and telematic means. Communications referred to in 1) above may be made by traditional means (e.g., paper mail, telephone calls with an operator), automated and similar (e.g., fax, e-mail, sms, mms).
You are, however, entitled to exercise your right to object, which, in the absence of indications to the contrary on your part, will refer to both traditional and automated communications.
How long will you keep my information?
Your Data will be retained for 5 years from their receipt/update, unless otherwise required by law. After this period, you will be asked to confirm your consent to the processing, otherwise they will be deleted or anonymised.

Will you share my information with other parties?

Please note that your Data may be communicated to third parties [including Client Companies, Professionals, Bilateral Sectoral Bodies ex art.24, paragraph 2, letter h), Public Bodies, Auditing or Supervisory Bodies] to fulfil obligations arising from the law, regulations, EU legislation or for aspects concerning the management and performance of the contractual relationship.

For the purposes mentioned in point 1, the Data may be communicated to Third Party Companies, which operate in collaboration with Rossini Illuminazione Srl, support companies for the performance of market analyses or other specific activities, etc.). Relationships with such third-party companies are defined by Rossini Illuminazione Srl, after verification of their proper management of data processing according to EU Reg 2016/679.

Data will be processed by adequately trained internal resources of the Company’s offices who act as authorised personnel for the processing of the Data. Your Data are not subject to dissemination.

What are my rights?

At any time, you will have the right to request:

You will also have:

  1. if processed in pursuit of a legitimate interest of Rossini Illuminazione Srl;
  2. if processed for direct marketing purposes;

Can I revoke my consent after giving it?

To view the full text of data subjects’ rights, you can directly read Articles 15 to 22 of EU Reg. 2016/679 at the following link:

For more information about this policy or any privacy issues, or if you wish to exercise your rights or revoke your consent, you can contact directly the reference persons listed in the “Who will process my data” section. For more information you can consult the privacy section at

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