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Light is in our blood

Established in Milan in 1929 as Ditta Rossini Otello, today Rossini Illuminazione is a leading-edge company in terms of products, technology, design and innovation.

Rossini illuminazione / Company

RossiniGroup: the world of light

RossiniGroup is a well-structured organization in the lighting world, which today includes the historic Rossini Illuminazione, the Plexiform brand and the multibrand showroom Overlite in Milan. The Group is present on the Italian and international market with a comprehensive range, dedicated both to the public and to those working in the sector: designers, lighting engineers, installers and contractors. Rossini Illuminazione is a veritable institution in the lighting sector, and has been working in the Milan area ever since 1929. Today it markets a complete range – both decorative and technical – for interiors, exteriors, homes and offices: almost 5,000 items, divided into the two volumes of the catalogue: DECO and TECH.


This timeline illustrates our company’s main milestones: from the early days as a small, artisan firm to its current identity as a group.
An entrepreneurial journey of constant investment in a passion that remains in our blood to this day: light in all its forms.

4 October 1929

Otello Rossini

Otello Rossini

Otello Rossini moved from the Veneto region to Milan, setting up a small business selling a variety of glass items. Within a few years, his workshop evolved into a small shop in Via Melzo: the first artistic Murano lightshades began to appear.


The war stopped the business in its tracks

During the Second World War an incendiary bomb completely destroyed the store, and the business was forced to close for a few years.


“Ditta Rossini Otello” was established

Having overcome the war and all the difficulties it brought, Milan, and Italy as a whole, got back on their feet, and Otello Rossini’s business began to prosper. “Ditta Rossini Otello” was established in a new 70-m² premises on Via Ceradini.


Eugenio Rossini joined the company

Eugenio Rossini joined the company

The young Eugenio Rossini succeeded his father, introducing the second generation to lead the company.

1950 - 1960

New spaces for a growing company

The company grew, and soon needed new premises. As Eugenio Rossini himself stated, “space has always been a primary necessity in the development of our business. Each time the new space seemed enormous, and each time it was rapidly filled.” The headquarters was moved to a 350-m² space with a small showroom, at Via Vanzetti 20. In the stockroom, permanently-stocked lines begin the appear.


The first catalogue was issued

The first catalogue was issued

The first catalogue was issued: it was just two sides of a single sheet, with a few dozen products. For the first time, new light fittings were introduced, combining the elegance of artistic Murano glass with a solid structure built by Milanese craftsmen.

1960 - 1970

A new direction for the business

Together with his cousin Angelo who was responsible for the operative side of the company, Eugenio set the business on a new course. In these years, market demand outstripped availability, and the chosen commercial approach proved a winning one: catalogue, goods ready, rapid service. The company increasingly grew to a nationwide scale, working with several categories within the lighting sector.


“Rossini Illuminazione” was established

“Rossini Illuminazione” was established

1 January 1970 “Rossini Otello” became “Rossini Illuminazione”, and a new purpose-built production site was inaugurated on Via Feltre: with five storeys it offered a total floor area of 6000 m². Paola, Eugenio’s mother, was still present and active within the company.



50 years in business!

50 years in business!

Rossini Illuminazione celebrated 50 years of steady business.

1992 - 1994

Eugenio Rossini handed the company over to Ruggero

Eugenio Rossini left the management of the company to his cousin Angelo’s son, Ruggero Rossini. Eugenio’s own children were still very young, and Ruggero had the advantage of a decade’s experience in the lighting sector. The catalogue expanded from some fifty pages to the first 200-page version, subdivided into chapters: coordinated ranges, height-adjustable and pendant lights, flush wall and ceiling lights, table lamps, spotlights and floodlights, rails and modules, recessed lights, ceiling fans, outdoor lamps and accessories.


Rossini Illuminazione moved to Segrate

Rossini Illuminazione moved to Segrate

The company headquarters moved to Segrate on the outskirts of Milan, in a 8400-m² complex, with fully-computerized stock management for all items, and featuring a sizeable showroom.


11th September 2001

Opening of the Overlite showroom

This date is widely associated with the dreadful attack on the Twin Towers in New York, but for the Rossini Group it is also a treasured anniversary: the opening of Overlite, our showroom with the top brands in the designer lighting sector.

It is located at Via Feltre 32, alongside the company’s historic premises.


The first commercial network

For the first time, the company set up a new and

well-structured network of agents, complete with a sales and marketing director.

In the same year, Rossini Illuminazione suffered the bereavement of Eugenio Rossini.


Rossini Illuminazione turned 80 years old

Rossini Illuminazione turned 80 years old

Between 2009 and 2011, three of Eugenio’s four children gradually joined the company: Marco, Dario and Elisa. They took on different roles and began learning the trade from the basics: sales and stock management.


Takeover of the Plexiform company

Rossini Illuminazione took over Plexiform, a Milanese company with a history and consolidated experience of almost 50 years, which had previously been a supplier and reliable partner to Rossini. The intention was to gain control over the production process of their lights.


RossiniGroup was established

RossiniGroup was set up, becoming to all intents and purposes a corporate group whose key strength was its synergy: from production to large-scale marketing right through to retail.



New Deco and Tech catalogues

New Deco and Tech catalogues

For the first time, the Rossini Illuminazione catalogue was published, divided into two volumes: DECO and TECH. This decision was determined by the need for constant updates to keep pace with the evolving technology within the sector since the appearance and development of LED lighting.


Year zero

Year zero

This was year zero: the Rossini siblings (Dario, Marco, Elisa) fully took over the operational management of the group, while continuing to take care of their own respective areas of competency: purchasing office, finance and control, marketing and communication.


Reorganization of the RossiniGroup

Reorganization of the RossiniGroup

With the new operational management and a far-reaching corporate reorganization project, RossiniGroup is now ready for the next challenge: internationalization and ongoing development of LED technology and lighting control, for a new concept in lighting where the individual, his needs and wellbeing are central.